Tire Dealer serving the Buffalo, NY area

Have you been sliding all over the road when it rains? Do you feel unsafe driving your vehicle because of the condition of your tires? When your car needs new shoes, visit the best tire dealers in Buffalo, NY - Premier Car Care! Our tire professionals can help you find the perfect tire for your vehicle. We carry a wide selection of major brand tires, only providing you with the best options.

We also offer rotations, inspections, and air pressure checks to ensure your tires are working to the best of their abilities!

 Is it time to get new tires?

It is important to get new tires between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. There are many reasons why you should get new tires. You will get increased performance, better gas mileage, and improved traction. The condition of your tires can have a big impact on gas mileage. If your tires have uneven tread they will have to work harder. The roads can be brutal during the winter. It is key that your tires have good traction for the winter. The way your tire performs depends on the compound and tread life. Please contact Premier Car Care if you are looking for a professional tire dealer.


Prepare for the Buffalo weather with quality tires!

The extreme weather conditions in Buffalo and Western New York make it all the more important to make sure you have good, reliable tires on your vehicle. We provide new and used tired to get you safely through all kinds of weather conditions. Call or stop in today!