Brake Repair Services in Buffalo, NY

 Do you need new brakes? Premier Car Care provides break repair and installation services for Buffalo, NY. We can replace brake pads, rotors, master cylinders and more. If the warning light comes on in your car please bring it to Premier Car Care for repairs.


Signs that you need new Brake Pads

There are several signs that you may need new brake pads or brake repair services. You might need new brake pads if you hear a squealing or clicking sound. Most brake pads are built with wear indicators to warn you of a potential problem. Another sign that you might need new brake pads is that it takes longer to bring your car to a stop. It is imperative that you get your brake pads replaced if they are not functioning correctly. Finally, you should get your brakes checked out if the pedal vibrates when pressed.


Please visit us for brake repair services.

It is important that your brakes work properly. They can be the difference between getting in an accident and staying safe. The benefits of getting regular brake maintenance include safety, saving money on repairs and the increase of brake longevity. Please contact premier car care to learn more about our brake repair services.